The Fiets4Daagse Hoorn is organized in the unique area of the West Frisian Omringdijk. As a participant you see the best of this special region in 4 days.

The Fiets4Daagse Hoorn 2020 will take place from 2 to 5 May 2021. The routes of this Fiets4Daagse are like a cloverleaf in and around Hoorn and introduce you to the West Friesland region. In four themes we guide you through the beautiful landscape. The Tulip Route, the Markermeer Route, the Zuiderzee Route and the West Friesland Route surprise you every day with beautiful and special passages!

4 days, 4 courses

Saturday 2 May – Tulip Route
Sunday 3 May – Markermeer Route
Monday 4 May – Zuiderzee Route
Tuesday 5 May – West Friesland Route

Saturday 2 May: Tulip Route

Straight through the polder you can enjoy the blooming tulips in all colors of the rainbow. Via Benningbroek, Schagen and Wognum you make a beautiful round that shows you the most beautiful flower fields. Spring stimulates all your senses this day!

Sunday 3 May: Markermeer Route

South of Hoorn, towards Amsterdam, you will discover the Beemsterpolder along the Markermeer. A 17th century Dutch tour de force against water, which has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1999. The pumping stations and sluices still show how we keep the water of the Markermeer out of the polder.

Monday 4 May: Zuiderzee Route

Cycle through the old fishing villages and enjoy the views over the water of the former Zuiderzee. Cycle the 30 kilometer route to Enkhuizen this day and experience the ‘Zuiderzee’ with a boat trip and a beautiful ride in an old steam tram from Medemblik back to Hoorn.

Tuesday 5 May: West Friesland Route

You cycle over the West Frisian Omringdijk towards Alkmaar. The 126-kilometer-long dike forms the boundary of the West Friesland region. For centuries, the dike has provided dry feet and a very fertile land for the farmers.